A selection from my Fine Art and Poster Art, as well as two Children's Illustrations

I work in a Variety of Media and Styles ranging from realistic to highly stylised and decorative:
Watercolour; Gouache Mixed Media; Pencil, Pencil Crayon, Scraper board; Chalkboard; Paper Cutouts;
as well as Mixed Media with scanned Vintage Engravings that I use with images that
I repeat in different colour stories for the Shabby Chic and Birth Flower wall art.

The Shabby Chic Flowers, Blackboard Fleur and Birth Flower Posters with Birdcages and Teacups are up on Anni Arts Crafts
while I am implementing a new shopping cart on Anni Arts over this Summer.

Feint watermarks on the pics below are unfortunately necessary.

Some paintings have been used as book covers and many of my paintings and designs have been licensed.
Also see the illustration and 
graphic design portfolio.

See my Anni Arts Crafts site for my printable paper craft designs


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