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I'm Anni - the Illustrator, Graphics and Product Designer and owner of Anni Arts: my online design companny.

My motto (in business and in life) is:
Create Something Beautiful

This is the Anni Arts design studio site with Anni Arts books, products, portaits and art. All the Anni Arts Crafts have moved to their own site at

The Anni Arts illustrations and graphics in a decorative and folksy country-style are contemporary, stylish and exclusive to the Anni Arts brand. All designs and illustrations are created by me personally. Folk art is a favourite topic and influences many of my designs, although I like to apply it in a contemporary way. I am also a published author in the area of folk customs and material culture.

My passion is creating stationery, cards, books and publications, 3D designs and packaging, and art for manufacturers to use on ceramics, cross stitch kits, paper products and more.

The designs and illustrations are available for licensing and are suitable for a wide range of products including paper serviettes, wrapping, porcelain, figurines, stationery, cards, tapestry, house ware and fabrics. 
A number of designs are already in production on licensed products that include porcelain, paper products and cross stitch kits. Manufacturers can contact me for licensing.

I enjoy doing detailed and decorative illustrations paired with clean and bold graphic design, and combining the traditional with a contemporary twist. I love to develop a core design over a story or collection of products.

My experience in the field of design spans more than 25 years in the graphics, product design and illustration industry - both as designer/artist, art director and lecturer. 

I had my own design company for most of the 25+ year period, but also worked in the advertising, design studio and photo styling fields prior to establishing my own business. I also collaborated on a number of children's television series and was a design lecturer at tertiary level for the same 25 year period on a part time basis.

I have a four year BA degree in Applied Arts in Graphic Design, Illustration, History of Art and Design, Philosophy of Art, Colour Theory, Photography and Marketing

Things that interest me include design, art and illustration, product development, fine art painting, portrait painting, folk art, museums and art galleries, art in esoterica, symbology, mythology, alternative history and archaeology, shamanism and paganism, nordic and fenno-ugric religions and folk art.

My family is from the Cevenne region of Haute Languedoc in France, but I was born in South Africa  - and thus have a great love for African art, design, mythology and folk tales too. 

Helsinki, Finland, is where I find myself at the moment, with my son and Finnish-born husband.